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Kim Hall - I love being a member here because everyone is so helpful and friendly.  You always hear the cliche about “family”, but here it really is like one big family.  Regardless of age level of fitness, the coaches are more than willing to scale the workouts accordingly so that you can still see results even though you’re not lifting as much as the other athletes.

Renée Turner - I enjoy the atmosphere for sure! I know that at Body Exchange or In Shape I wouldn't find the friendships that have become family, or the accountability partners!

Kim Hall - My advice would be to just try CrossFit here at Exodus.  I was 49 the first time I came (now 53) and had no clue what I was in for.  I was hooked!  You may be nervous or unsure of things....but you’ll love it.  I promise

Renée Turner - My husband started doing CrossFit, we enjoy a lot of the same things so I wanted to try it.

Eric Pichardo - I enjoy the personal attention from the trainers as well the training program that is in place to help me achieve my goals. The culture and environment of the gym pushes me to get better and really makes me feel like family.

Renée Turner - I've learned that I'm capable of doing more than I allowed myself to do at Body Exchange.

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