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Hannah Nolan - I learned that I hadn't lost my drive to achieve, which I thought I had lost that when I quit gymnastics almost 7 years ago.

Hannah Nolan - What I love most is the close family feel. We push each other to be the best we can be, yet we do it out of love.

Destiny Espinoza - I joined because the workouts are intense and motivating.

Renée Turner - I enjoy the atmosphere for sure! I know that at Body Exchange or In Shape I wouldn't find the friendships that have become family, or the accountability partners!

Lauren Sanchez - I started the gym at a really tough time and going to the gym and working really hard felt rewarding and over time I felt like I was healing, like I was becoming someone who I thought was lost to me forever. I am not there yet, but every day I'm closer to my goal of being healthy, strong and fit.

BJ Jackson - I joined to better myself and get fit.

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