Get Stronger, Lose Weight, Move Efficiently

Hello tribe members! This is Kyle here. I’ve gathered you here today to talk about some exciting new changes in our programming that are starting Monday, April 18th. Many of you may not even notice the change, but we feel it’s important to let you know what we’re doing and how the purpose has shifted a little to help us maximize your results.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee, or a craft beer, and read up!

What’s changing?

  1. We’re moving to a 3-day on (M-W), 1-day recovery (Th), 2-day on (F-Sa), 1-day off (Su). It’s a slight variation of the classic “3-day on, 1-day off” cycle… just adjusted to fit a 7-day week (where the gym is closed on sundays). Does this mean that Thursdays are useless? Not in the slightest! Thursdays will just serve a different (but still important) purpose to the cycle.
  2. We’re moving to a 2-part strength-based programming. The 1st (primary) part will be related more to one of the lifts (Snatch, Clean, or Press), and the 2nd (secondary) part will be on squatting. The primary part will be periodized on a 2-3 week cycle to help each of you develop consistency with that particular lift, which in turn will help you build proficiency AND strength. The secondary part will be ongoing… because we believe that we should ALWAYS be squatting (stimulating the largest muscle groups has a profound affect on muscle growth throughout the rest of your body… that’s right, I’m saying that squatting should actually help you bench more…get pullups faster…etc).
  3. We’re adding in MORE teaching (coaching) in each class. Why? We believe in striving for virtuosity in ALL of our movements. By constantly working on our form and technique, we will help each of you move safely and more efficiently. We want each and every one of you to be beacons of good form. Will some things feel uncomfortable at first? Absolutely! But you have to trust the process to see the results. Keep in mind, if we are quick to dismiss a movement because it’s not comfortable, we could be preventing ourselves from moving efficiently (or safely)…or from getting stronger. Instead, we should work harder on the things that are holding us back. (Yes, you will learn to love to hook grip. Yes, you will learn to comfortably wrap your thumbs around the pullup bar. Yes, you will learn how to get full depth in your squat.)
  4. We’re adding “7 Minutes of Heaven” after each class. Some of you may be striving to burn some more calories or work a little more on your conditioning…or just reach one of your goals a little faster! Some of you may want a little extra time working on skills. So every day there will be an OPTIONAL “7 Minutes of Heaven” that is either Cardio-based, or Skill-based. It will change from day-to-day, and they will be randomly repeated every few weeks. These will not be coached, and you will be responsible for tracking your progress (which I would highly encourage you to do)!

And Some Q & A:

  • It’s been a couple weeks…why haven’t I noticed any changes in the programming?
    That’s ok! This is one of those things that if done correctly, it will look and feel random. The workouts will continue to be constantly varied, and the strength sections will be loosely based on the conjugate method. (want to know more? Just as me.). Aka, there is a plan in place, and just because it may feel random that doesn’t mean it is random.
  • What if I don’t want to get stronger, I just want to get leaner and lose weight?
    Awesome. Did you you know that muscle burns fat? And that stronger muscles burn more fat, more efficiently…even when we aren’t working out. That’s right, we want to turn you into efficient fat-burning machines.
  • Did you really say that squatting should increase my bench or help me get my first pullup?
    Yes. Google “benefits of squatting”… and read up. It’s pretty rad stuff!
  • What if my [blank] won’t do [blank]?
    There are many variations to that question. (My thumbs won’t reach. I can’t get below parallel. My elbows won’t go up high. It’s not comfortable to hook grip. I can get more weight doing it this way. I’ve always been taught another way.) If you’ve got an excuse, I’ve probably used it to my own coaches before (and I’ve definitely heard it before). Of course, had I not listened to them, I definitely wouldn’t have the form I have today. In reality, these “issues” are just opportunities for you to work on better mobility, or a safer and more efficient position. Some of these “issues” may even highlight strength discrepancies. (Note – there are exceptions to every rule… but I’ve seen a lot of people go from moving very poorly, to lifting heavy, getting muscle-ups and moving very efficiently… it’s better to assume that you are not the exception).
  • Do I have to do “7 Minutes of Heaven”?
    Absolutely not! This is EXTRA work because we know that there are people out there that just want more, and we’d like to give you an outlet for that in a structured manner.

I’m looking forward to helping each and every one of you reach a higher level of fitness, and I cannot wait to see the results we’ll inevitably see in the road ahead.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc… PLEASE reach out and ask! We will be starting a cycle of constant improvement at the gym, and although we feel very confident that this is the direction we want to take you guys, we may refine the route along the way as we see results and get feedback.

In Strength & Love,

Coach KPO