Exodus Weekly News: April 18th-24th

Hey guys! Here’s a little overview of what’s happening this week, as well as other announcements you should be aware of:

  • First Week of the Snatch Cycle

    This week we are starting the first iteration of our new programming, and it’s a 3-week Snatch Cycle. Monday and Tuesday are VERY important, as we’ll be establishing our 1RM in a couple lifts, and we’ll be using those maxes to base our lifting percentages for the rest of the cycle. To read more about the new programming, click the original article below:
    Get Stronger, Lose Weight, Move Efficiently

  • Updated Class Times!

    Evening class times go into effect today. The new class times are 4:30/5:30/6:30 (CrossFit), and this week 7:30 (Open Gym). The 7:30 time slot on Tuesdays & Thursdays will be migrating to a Standards class within a few weeks.
    See Our Schedule

  • Tshirts in by May 1st!

    For everyone that ordered tshirts, we are expecting the arrival of those by the end of this month. We’ll keep you posted on an exact date, but it should be no later than May 1st.

  • Weightlifting Seminar July 9th by Dmitry Lapikov

    Dimitry Lapikov is an olympic weightlifter from Russia that (placed Bronze in the 105kg class in 2008 Beijing Olympics). He will be presenting a 1-day seminar here at Exodus Elite, and anyone interested in getting a full day of weightlifting training from an Olympian should definitely consider coming. Pricing has not yet been determined, but go ahead and mark your calendar!
    Dmitry Snatching 217kg  (477 pounds)
    Learn More about Dmitry Lapikov

  • Upper Room’s Mind/Body/Spirit Class at Exodus Elite

    Starting May 9th, Exodus Elite will be partnering with Upper Room to present a 4 week Mind/Body/Spirit class. This class will have a devotional element, a nutrition element, as well as a bootcamp-style workout. This will occupy the 8pm time slot on Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri, which means that during those 4 weeks, there will be no Open Gym or Standards classes.  This is very specific class (no barbells or complex movements, shorter class time, more people per class…).  More information will be available soon.

  • Post-WOD: 7 Minutes of Heaven

    When you look at the workout in WODIFY you should start seeing 2 new sections: “Heaven-Skill” and “Heaven-Cardio”. These are 2 separate optional “out-of-class”, post-workout programs. Wanting to put in some extra work and burn some extra calories? Do the “Heaven-Cardio” Metcon (which should be completed in 7m or less). Wanting to work on skill work (and have the requisite technique & strength)? Do the “Heaven-Skill” EMOM.  Both of these are on your own time, on your own clock, and out of the way of the class (we’ll be working on the logistics of this to make sure everything runs smoothly, so please have some grace in the meantime).