EE CrossFit

Our CrossFit classes are for anyone that is looking for a change in their fitness routine, whether you’re coming from a traditional gym like In-Shape or Body Exchange, or if you’ve never worked out and you want to get in shape. Regardless of your level of fitness (or even lack of fitness), our coaches will help you scale the workout to your individual needs.

A typical 60 minute class:

  • coach-led warmup – we want to get your heart rate up and make sure you’ve stretched properly.
  • strength/technique session – this is where we build strength and work on proper movement so you can move safely and effectively.
  • a metcon workout – this is our traditional CrossFit workout, where we add intensity, time limits, etc.  While most of these workouts fall within the 10-20 minute range, they can be as short as 3 minutes or as long as 45 minutes. Each workout is designed to elicit a specific response from your body. Your coaches and classmates will encourage you and cheer you on while you workout.

You’ll find that most everyone here has a similar story… they never realized they could do this, but inevitably took a chance and now can’t believe how easy it is, but also how strong they actually are – both physically and mentally. Our members have fun while they’re here, and make friendships that extend outside the gym floor.

Curious to see what it’s like?

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